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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Who cares about hCG levels, anyway?

I went for another blood test today. The results were 5958 for hCG, and something that I forgot for progesterone. Without looking too hard, it is quite obvious that the hCG value is again rising a little slower, but I have resolved not to worry about this any longer. Firstly, once I get back to googling, I'll probably go crazy :) And secondly, based on the advice that I got from the clinic they seem to think that it's all OK. I was told that I can drop the progesterone to once a day (yay for that!), and the next blood test is scheduled for 18 May, which is 8 days from today... surely if any problems were suspected, they wouldn't let me out of their grasp for that long! Also, fetal heart scan (ultrasound) is taking place on the same day - I should be 7 weeks and 2 days then.

I have to say that this is all a little inconvenient. Unfortunately, 18 May is also the day when my husband leaves us again to spend another two months in Afghanistan. I'll be an emotional wreck to start with, so if it turns out that the clinic's optimism was unfounded, there might be some serious flooding in the general area of the ACT (so, unless you have essential business to attend to in the vicinity, reconsider your need to travel here on that date :)

Anyway, as I keep telling myself, positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

Hang in there, little traveler!

1 comment:

Freya said...

Good luck with those plans to not think about it. I'm sure all is absolutely fine. This 'under the microscope' thing must be exhausting!
Hugs for the impending departure. :-(