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Thursday, 24 November 2011

7 weeks

Had another blood test today - hCG has gone up to 63357... but who is counting?


A lovely, steady, 132 bpm average, and Little Bruiser measuring right on track, 6 weeks 5 days (plus minus 2 days). Yaaaaaaaaaay!!

The ultrasound itself was pretty tense though, that sonographer doesn't give anything away! She took her time measuring everything first, with the monitor turned away from us, and her face betraying absolutely no emotion. I was a bit anxious and I'm pretty sure Kylie was about to have a heart attack, when she finally turned the monitor toward us and started showing us all the mysteries of my inner workings, starting with my bowel, bladder, ovaries and so on. What the?? I'm not interested in what ovary I ovulated from on my last cycle, thanks!! Get on with it!!

Anyway, in the end she got to the bit where she showed us that everything is exactly as it should be, and we both got a bit teary - especially Kylie :)

We have a viable pregnancy!! You are doing very well, Little Bruiser, just keep at it!!

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Freya said...

Grow little one!