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Saturday, 18 June 2011


A tentative plan is in place for Book 2 of this surrogacy story.

I received the legal paperwork from the clinic a couple of days ago. When all is signed, I have a blood test on the second day of my next period to see if my hCG level from the LT is back to normal, non-pregnant state.

We are doing another unmedicated FET cycle (frozen embryo transfer), which means that I have several blood tests beginning at day 8 of my period to check on my progesterone and estrogen levels to see when ovulation might happen, followed by one Ovidrel shot (essentially high level hCG injection which induces ovulation in 36 hours). Five days after that, transfer.

In other news, I have submitted my last MTeach assignment, obtained an interim casual number, and had two days of relief teaching last week. Also, I made it to the last round of DFAT grad recruitment program, and I have my interview on 28 July - provided I fill in the 50-page security clearance form, and manage to find paper evidence of just about everything that happened in my life in the last 10 years... Also have an approximate date of Damien's return home, 24 or 25 July - still haven't heard about postings, maybe next week. So all up, yay!

Monday, 6 June 2011

If you haven't had a miscarriage...

you might want to read this. This was my first, it was utterly shocking and rather frightening. When the doctor said that I can expect some heavy cramps and heavy bleeding, I didn't realise that what she really meant to say was that I can expect labour-like contractions and 'turn-the-tap-on' sort of bleeding... All I could do was stand in the shower in awe, and try not to worry too much when the scene quickly started to remind me of Psycho (minus the guy and the knife). Don't have to do that again. Ever.

But at least now this bit is truly over, and the book can be closed. Previews of the sequel in the coming months.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final chapter of Book 1

Over the last few days I have been getting more and more anxious about the real possibility of a D&C on Friday, but it appears that I managed to talk my body into cooperating, and Little Traveler's last journey is going to happen the way Mother Nature intended...

Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and kind words over the last couple of months.

Watch this space.