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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

18 dpo

Still steaming ahead, with hCG today hitting 788 - yaaay!

I was a little worried about this one, actually, as I think it was at 18 dpo with our first pregnancy that we had the first indication that something might be not quite right. I looked at my post from the day, and just for comparison, the beta was 287 then. So good news!

One thing that made my pressure rise higher for a minute is that my progesterone level dropped rather dramatically, from 161 four days ago to only 71 today (on two pessaries). While this is still a very good level to sustain the pregnancy, I wondered for a while if something was wrong. Until I realised that I am on antibiotics now - it turns out that antibiotics affect some enzymes in the liver that in turn affect the rate at which estrogen and progesterone are processed in the body. In other words, anbiotics = faster rate of decomposition of progesterone = lower progesterone levels. Let me tell you - PHEW!

Next test Tuesday week.

1 comment:

Freya said...

I hope everything becomes completely mundane and nothing to report from here on in. Until K&A start getting pics of course!