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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Great news!!!

Test results today: hCG 63 (!!!!!), progesterone 113.

That means that in the 48 hours, when they would like to see it double, it... sextupled :) Is that a word??


Of course, it's early days, and we've been here before, but who cares?? Ecstatic anyway!

Next test Friday.


Freya said...

Fantastic. May this one not be the rollercoaster of the last. Stick, stay, be comfy, thrive little one!

Karen. said...

YAH!!!! Absolutely thrilled for the whole Raftery team!!! Doesn't matter if you've been hear before..... Celebrate every milestone, with joy. It goes by so fast miss Veronika....Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Karen. said...

#Hear......should be here!!! ooops....spelling is certainly not my strength.....:) :) :)