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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Change of date, pregnancy woes, and other ramblings

Well, today is the day. That my husband leaves, I mean. Last week when Kylie found about about the ultrasound happening on the same day as the dreaded departure, she called up the clinic and changed the appointment to Thursday - so I'm afraid I will have no updates on the little traveler until about midday tomorrow!

As far as the LT is concerned, I am feeling quite confident that he (a randomly selected personal pronoun only :) will stay put. I'm feeling quite pregnant, what with the nausea and a real issue with food and smells, the tiredness, and the horrible hip pain! It started a couple of days ago, just in one hip, and then yesterday in the other as well. It gets worse as the day progresses, and it is very hard to get comfy in bed. I don't remember having these problems with my two this early in the pregnancy. Then again, I guess the more pregnancies you have, the more likely it is that things will start giving way earlier on... Really irritating though - even now, just sitting down, I am trying to find a position that will give me a bit of relief. Ah, found it :)

Kylie is coming down this evening, well, night - she's catching a train down from Sydney so that she can be here for the ultrasound. She's staying with us until Friday, when we all pack up and go up to her place, as I have a (stupid, bloody, unnecessary) exam to sit on Saturday up in Sydney. So K and A will be in charge of my rug-rats for the day (hopefully that experience won't make them change their minds about having their own one :)

If you are after a surrogacy-related update, this is where you can stop reading :) If you are in for some other news and ramblings, read on.

Anyway, very excitingly, after this exam is done, I only have to hand in one more assignment on 31 May, and (provided I actually pass) I will be allowed to put an 'MTeach' behind my name (not that I will - I'll wait for my PhD before advertising my education this way :)

Anyway, as this has already turned into a post that is not exactly related to surrogacy only, I might as well keep going, as other exciting things are happening in the next couple of months - that should make the wait for Damien to get back nice and adventurous... In mid-June we find out if he got one of the postings that he applied for, and if he does, that would mean that we'd be leaving Australia within the next couple of years to spend three or more years in either Austria, China, Japan, UAE or New Caledonia. Also in mid-June, I should find out if I got through the last but one stage of my application for DFAT graduate recruitment. So far so good, but the written test that took place last month was a killer! After I finished it, I spend the day completely blanked out, as my daily allowance of neuron transmission was used up in those 90 minutes... If I get through, I will be going through to the interviews in July/August. We would find ourselves in an interesting quandary if I got through and was offered employment, which starts next February, and at the same time hubby got the Austria posting, which starts this December... Hmmm... Well, I'm sure things will work themselves out for the best in the end, just like they always do.

I'd better go and clean this joint now. D took the kids to childcare (I love Wednesdays! :) but is returning shortly to pack and get ready. We'll probably go out and have a nice lunch, although at this point all I feel like eating is bananas. We are planning to pick up the kids early so that they can spend some time with daddy before we take him to the airport. I feel completely fine about it at the moment, but, based on previous experience, that will probably change approximately an hour before the airport drop-off. Around then, I usually transform from a strong and self-sufficient individual into a weeping bundle... Oh well. At least this is the last time he's going. At this point, anyway.

Enough rambling. LT updates tomorrow.

1 comment:

Freya said...

Hooley dooley!
And of course, with the whole December/Feb stuff wouldn't the LT arrive sometime in Dec? Somewhat difficult for Kylie et al if you're not actually in the country!
I have a hard enough time keeping up with you guys when all is quiet.
Best of luck and hugs for the departure.