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Friday, 17 February 2012


All good! All awesome!! Little Bruiser's measurements were all spot on, except for the head circumference which was a week and a half out - measuring 20w4d... with my luck, of course it would! All the other bits and pieces are in perfect order too...

Oh, and we found out about LB's bits as well...

And I can't say a word, because Kylie and Adrian want to keep it a secret! So, in deference to their wishes, I shall not divulge the truth, and shall refrain from calling LB anything other than LB :D

Pictures forthcoming early next week when the ultrasound report is available online and I don't have to try using the scanner :)

K & A told their family and friends today about the pregnancy - that too had been kept a secret until this afternoon. It was really nice being a part of that - they called their parents from the car over the speaker system, so we were all a part of the conversation. It was priceless hearing their reactions! 

Happy, happy day!


Freya said...

Happy tears for you all.
Must be amazing for the impending grandparents. To hear about it and LB should be here in 20 or so weeks!

BethDuck said...

What a great day!!