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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ultrasound report and pictures

Well the report and pictures finally made it online. The report is very simple and straightforward. Basically:

1. There is one baby.
2. The baby appears to be completely and utterly healthy.

That's how we like it!

The pictures are not exactly keepsakes, of course, so I thought I'd put up at least a few of the scary ones :D 

First, this little beauty:

The resemblance to parents is striking... :D

Then, there is the compulsory alien shot:

Beware the Skeletor!
And of course the scariest of them all:

Holy c#@p!

Go, Little Bruiser, go!


Karen. said...

That's hilarious!!!
You sound like your really enjoying your time..... Just wonderful!!!

Doug and Bill said...

reading ultrasounds are like a test in huge patience. hilarious post.