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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just a quick one to say...

that yesterday marked the first day when I felt Little Bruiser from the outside!! At one point in the evening during a kicking session one of the kicks was strong enough to make me wonder if I could feel it with my hand, and sure enough, when I tried with the next one, I could! Without any problems.

Then I started to wonder if I could also SEE it, and guess what! I could!! I couldn't see the exact spot, but my whole belly moved on one side.

So, very exciting, but also a bit scary... I'm pretty sure I couldn't feel from the outside or see the movement until quite a bit later in the pregnancy with my two. That, plus the consistent measuring ahead of the curve (forgot to mention the other day that at the ultrasound was taken at 19w0d, but LB's size pointed to 19w4d... and then there's the head...), makes me think that somehow this little one won't be very little when they come out!

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