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Monday, 6 February 2012

Midwife appointment

Today we had our first midwife appointment. Kylie came down yesterday, and it was lovely to have her here for it.

The midwife is really nice and quite at ease with our situation, and seems really accommodating and supportive. She talked about things way down the track, like birth plans, what happens after the birth, breastfeeding, and stuff like that - Kylie and I were a little taken aback, as we haven't really thought that far in such detail, but I guess we'll have to start thinking about all that soon.

The midwife got Kylie to use the doppler to find LB's heart, and it was nice and strong - I was, as always, rather stressed beforehand, and the relief after hearing the heart was tremendous :D It was fluctuating between 140 and 160, so I guess that's right where it should be. The midwife also felt the uterus, and it measures about where it should, and Kylie to got to try as well - not sure if she was comfortable with that one (she's pouring herself a glass of wine as I type :-)

We've got the few next appointments booked already, including the dreaded 26 week glucose test - not looking forward to that one all that much. Anyway, we also have the big ultrasound next Friday, and both Kylie and Adrian will be down here for that, so unless something momentous happens between now and then, I probably won't post before then.

Happy February, everyone!


Karen. said...

What wonderful news.....I'm thrilled that everything is going along as it should.
Go Little Bruiser!!! xx

Freya said...

Great to hear. Keep it up - all of you!