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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

So far so good!

The test results seem encouraging! My hCG level is 30.5 (at 10dpo), and apparently anything over 5 means pregnant. I have to have another blood test on Saturday though, to confirm that the level is rising - it should double in two days.

I definitely feel pregnant, sick as a dog! :) However, that could be due to the side effects of progesterone, which I am taking twice a day now to support the little life. Also, the hCG could be a left-over of an injection of Ovidrel, which I was given 12 days ago. But that is unlikely.

Grow little one, grow!


BethDuck said...

Good news!!! Fingers crossed for Saturday and hope you feel better soon. Beth xx

Sarah said...

Wow Veronika, what an amazing gift. I so hope it works out for everyone.

Ashlea said...

Is the progesterone a tablet or injection? I would love to know your side of the story to how you got here. I know the IP's need to do IVF, but what do you need to do to prepare for surrogacy? I am interested in becoming a surrogate myself one day, so would love to know the ins and outs... ezpecially injection/tablet wise :)

Veronika said...

Hi Ashlea - neither, it is a suppository (I know, yuck :). Surrogacy can be a long and rather complicated journey before you actually get to the business end of it. If you want more info, I recommend that you join the surroaustralia group at Yahoo groups. It's a very valuable place where you can get heaps of info and support.