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Sunday, 24 April 2011


I went in for the test on Saturday morning. It's funny, even though up until the nurse took my blood I was absolutely 100% convinced that the results would be positive, I spent the next few hours trying to decide if I really felt sick or if I was only imagining things...

Thankfully, I had other things to do in those hours, namely driving up to Kylie and Adrian's. We got there a little before midday. The next half an hour passed in a blur of the kids' excited squeals of delight upon discovering the wealth of fauna living in that house - the place is a ZOO :) Ben particularly enjoyed blowing bubbles and watching the youngest member of the little Labrador clan, Bella, trying to catch them, while Sophie... well, Sophie really took to the cat. Hmm... Yes. Let me just say that the incident involving Sophie's (very understandable) mix-up of cat food and kitty litter was rather hilarious. Oh, and Ben found a marble. A really nice one. I think. I didn't really get to see it before he swallowed it!!! The poor thing - he was so horrified when it happened, I don't know whether it was because he was worried about what was going to happen next, or whether he was upset about losing the marble :)

Anyway, Ben's little circus act happened after we found out about the results of the test. And they are all good! The hCG level, which was supposed to have doubled to indicate a viable pregnancy, has actually almost quadrupled! It was standing at 117 (of whatever units, the nurses actually never say what they are - note to self, find out!) as of Saturday morning.

So here we are. After all the waiting and messing around with paperwork, it only took a few blood tests and one slightly uncomfortable, but curiously relaxed, transfer, and we're PREGNANT!! Yes, it appears that I really am a tummy mummy!! Yaayyy!!

It was nice to be all together when we found out, too. Although I think that if we weren't together, Kylie and Adrian (and her mum and dad, who were also there - lovely people) would have probably been a lot more emotional about it. As it was we had some group hugs, a nice little lunch, and a bit of chat, and the boys (the grown-up ones) enjoyed themselves immensely coming up with new ways of joking about the matter. And believe me, they've only just scratched the surface - I am sure in the next weeks and months to follow, they will drain the subject dry and try to outdo each other... After all, it IS a little weird that I am pregnant by another guy - and it doesn't appear to matter that by another gal as well :) - and my husband approves :D

I am going in for more tests as soon as we get back to Canberra (spending Easter at mum-in-law's place) to see if I need to keep taking progesterone, as it seems that my body is more than happy to supply the hormone of its own accord - bless you, my cooperative endocrine system!

Grow and prosper, little traveller!

Veronika, a very happy GS

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BethDuck said...

Congratulations!! I hope your journey as a Tummy Mummy is smooth and has no complications! I think you were meant to be one (a Tummy Mummy that is!!) I will enjoy sharing it with you. Beth xx