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Sunday, 6 May 2012

In the thirties

Yes, we made it this far. Not surprising in the least, but another milestone nevertheless. I'm starting to feel a bit tired and rather heavy, and I have been getting the 'when are you due?' questions from complete strangers lately - obviously I look like I"m about to go into labour :) When I was questioned along those lines by a (surely well-meaning) lady today in the supermarket, she looked slightly horrified when I told her I still have about two months to go, and proceeded to ask me if I was sure there really was only one! The gall!! :D

Anyway, aside from the fact that LB has been doing a little more growing than is the average (at the last midwife appointment I was measuring a week ahead), s/he is doing well and moving around as if they had eight limbs instead of four...

Here's for at least six more uneventful weeks, before we hit term!


Doug and Bill said...

We are measuring about three weeks ahead even at 38 weeks...I guess some get bigger than others. Six more weeks or maybe a bit more...WOO HOO!

Freya said...

Fantastic to hear. May the last couple of months be as straight forward.

Michael said...

Hoping for an easy last few weeks. Can't wait to meet LB!