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Saturday, 26 May 2012

About time

to post something again.

We're about 33 and a half weeks now, and really getting close to the final countdown. LB is going strong, growing and moving well - just a few more weeks and s/he will be ready to come out of their temporary accommodation... And although I am feeling slightly guilty about it, I have to say that I'm kind of looking forward to that day! Getting a little tired and achy now, and all the day-to-day stuff is becoming somewhat  challenging.

I can't really complain as I am getting loads of help. My husband is away for a couple of weeks for some training (back for the weekend though, thank [insert deity of your choice here]), but Kylie came down for three days last week, and is coming next Tuesday again to help me with the kids/house. It has been great having her here, (particularly after last Tuesday's scare that Ben gave me - passed out in the morning, out of the blue... Of course, as a first-aid trained, responsible, calm adult, I freaked out and I'm sure I did all the wrong things. Thankfully, he was only out for about 30 seconds, and after 4 hours spent at emergency, they couldn't find anything wrong with him (aside from some blood in his urine, have to follow up on that). As he also had diarrhea that morning, the doctor suggested that maybe he was just dehydrated, so I'm going with that. Of course, this would happen when daddy is away, as always - it sucks, because I'm sure HE wouldn't freak out! Anyway, all's well that ends well.) I'm also being rather pampered at work, very probably because the boss keeps watching me as if I were a ticking bomb just about to go off :) I'm sure he's petrified of the possibility of me going into labor there - sure would be fun at a primary school! I keep assuring him that I have quite a while to go yet, but he tells me to take it easy whenever he gets a chance, and he even got some relief teachers to do some of my playground duties lately. Well, not complaining about that either!

Anyway, have to finish here as I have lots to do - need to clean up (since this morning, the kids have 1. built a cubby in the living-room, 2. built a boat in the kitchen, very inconveniently placed!, 3. did some colouring and sticking, and the backs of the stickers are strewn everywhere, 4. built 7 jigsaw puzzles in various corners of the house, and then walked over some of them, and 5. dropped random toys wherever they saw fit. Also, Sophie 6. changed her clothes two times, so her wardrobe is in a bit of a disarray), and do some study - major essay due in two weeks. Oh, and I can actually do this in peace, as Damien took the kids to an indoor playground - hopefully they stay there for at least a couple of hours!

Forgot to say that we have a midwife appointment next Thursday, so I'll probably update with something more worth reading then :D

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