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Monday, 19 March 2012

I know it's been a while

It's getting a bit hard to post as often as before. Few reasons, I guess. Firstly, life is incredibly busy with work, study, kids, and other commitments. Secondly, there just aren't that many new and exciting things to write about in relation to LB - which is a good thing!

But this is meant to be a diary of sorts, so an update is definitely in order. Here goes.

LB is growing fast, and kicking, pushing, and prodding like there's no tomorrow. It is very reassuring, to feel the movements all throughout the day. I can't remember if my kids did it, but Bruiser is an expert at kicking down low around the cervix, and that is not particularly comfortable, but other than that it's lovely to know that he's doing well and practicing his footy skills already :D

So far, this pregnancy has been treating me well, as always. The only minor annoyance is some pain in my right hip - doesn't bother me during the day, but when I lie down at night and relax, it suddenly comes to life (or maybe I finally have time to notice it?) and it is a bit of a struggle to get comfortable enough to go to sleep. Some days are not so bod though, so I guess it has something to do with the amount of time I spend standing/walking around as well. If it gets any worse, I might consider seeing a physio about it, but so far it's okay. 

Kylie and Adrian came down this weekend for a wedding, and stayed with us. It was nice to have them over again, and I so hoped that they would be able to feel LB move, but alas! Little munchkin is very crafty, and as much as I tried to capture the active moments and slap Kylie's hand on my belly whenever Bruiser moved with some vigour, all my efforts were in vain. Oh well. K & A are coming again just before Easter - we have a midwife appointment and a tour through the birth centre - so we can try again. 

In semi-related news, I entered into a competition for a free photo shoot with a Canberran photographer, and won! Kylie, I, and Bruiser (in utero) will have a session sometime in May, can't wait!! 

In totally unrelated news, we have a new car!! Oh how my life is changed! Now that there are two vehicles in our garage, I don't have to drop everyone off in the morning in different corners of the city and then pick them all up in the afternoon again. Aah, so much time saved... 

And on that happy note, I shall end today's entry :D


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