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Friday, 23 March 2012

Attention! Attention!

We have viability!

Or, in other words, if LB were to be born today, they would have a reasonable chance of survival as doctors would resuscitate. Obviously it's still extremely early, and it would be a tough ride, but according to some statistics that I found (through Dr. Google, of course), babies born at 24 weeks have 40 - 70% chance...

Of course, this is all a moot point - if I didn't want to jinx myself, I would type here that I have cervix of steel and this baby is not going anywhere for a while! But I won't. As I don't want to jinx myself :D

In other news, the old knees are starting to give now a wee bit... getting up off the floor is not exactly comfortable. Oh well. I volunteered for this, didn't I? :D


Michael said...

Twenty four weeks is exciting. If my memory serves me correctly by about 27 or 28 weeks the chance of survival jumps to something like 90%. I may be off on that number but every week from here on out is huge. Not that it matters since none of this applies to you, right? I'm talking about other people who think about this kind of stuff. You have to start planning for things like the back hurting during week 31 and the constant peeing by week 33 and the feet swelling by week 36. That's what you get to look forward to! :-)

Freya said...

I've heard the same. Just a few more short weeks and there is over a 90% chance of all being well. Not that you need to know that because there are still 16 long weeks to go.
Well done team! Keep it up!