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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Another test today - a very important one as it turns out! Progesterone is at 114, which means that it went up even though they halved my progesterone supplementation last week.

And so, as of today, I am off medication!! Yaaay, yaaay, major yaaay! I have one last test with the clinic next Tuesday, and then I will be officially released into the wild and will have to fend for myself - I don't know how I'll manage!! :D

Meanwhile, expecting this turn of events to take place soonish, I exchanged a few e-mails with the midwife who delivered my Sophie, and managed to get myself a spot in the Birth Centre program at the Canberra Hospital. Unfortunately I won't have the same midwife as with Sophie, but that doesn't matter much. While it would have been lovely to have that prior connection, all the midwives there are pretty awesome.

Also have to book my first trimester screening ultrasound pretty soon. If I'm not working tomorrow, I'll be getting myself a doctor's appointment and a referral. Things are getting pretty exciting for sure! Little Bruiser, true to his/her name, is doing very well for him/herself... And just to avoid these cumbersome gender-undecided expressions, I shall be using only the female form of such pronouns henceforth - yeah, I think it's a girl :) I'm sure she'll love me one day for calling her Little Bruiser :D


Freya said...

Fantastic. Hope you're getting some energy back.

Michael said...

Great news. And you're not fending for yourself. You know the online community out here is always ready to support you!