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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

7 months +

It is the end of February, Year 1 PS (post surrogacy) :D

And life is still great. Our move to Brunei has been completed mostly with success - the children have settled well into their new surroundings and new school, and found new friends easily. Damien seems to be enjoying his job, and, so far, I am enjoying being a lady of leisure. I don't think I could last much longer, but fortunately semester is starting next week, and as I am enrolled in two interesting courses, I'll probably manage to stay busy even if it turns out I am not able to work here.

Hamish is, as always, a little delight for his parents. He even travels well, bless him... with his first international flights and a few weeks of sight-seeing under his belt, he is now officially an ideal child.

And cute too!

Kylie and Hamish's visit in Brunei this year is on the cards too - hopefully it will work out, not seeing them for a whole year would make me sad (hint hint if you're reading this, Rafterys :D).

And as this is a blog documenting the whole journey, I'd be remiss not to mention that we are now big media stars! :) Just as we were busily packing to move, Kylie and Adrian were approached by a journalist, who wanted to write our story. I was unable to contribute to the actual article, although it appears that the journalist consulted my blog and plucked one of the pearls that I drop on a regular basis to incorporate into the article. It appeared on the front page (!) of the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, 16 February, with quite a few photos included (when I first saw them, I have to say I was a bit taken aback, as I wasn't aware that they, at least the ones of me, would be there - still not exactly sure how I feel about it, but what's done is done). Here's the link to the online version - Forging a bond, and sharing the joy.

And that's all for now. I'm going to go and get lunch ready, before I pick up my children from school and then proceed to spend a few hours in the pool that we have in the backyard... bliss! Oh, did I mention that, as I am typing this, a maid is cleaning our house? :D

Year 1 PS shall be a good year!

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